STD Prevention for Women


Women are at a very high risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases but there are several ways that they can use to reduce chances of getting these diseases. The main STDS are gonorrhea, cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS and syphilis. It’s therefore important for you do regular STD testing so that you can be checked to know if you have any of these diseases. But prevention is better than cure and therefore you should ensure that you prevent these diseases using all means possible because the effects of these diseases are severe and may lead to death.

These diseases are passed through anal, vaginal or through oral sexual contact. The main symptoms of these diseases are vaginal lashes, itching, pain and unusual discharge. The main methods used in preventing these diseases in women are:

Doing regular testing

Are you sexually active? If yes then it is important for you to ensure that you have talked with your doctor so that he can advise you on the way you will be doing STD testing and how often you should do it. You should ensure that you test all diseases associated with STD so that in case you find that you have one it can be easy for you to treat it early before it affects the other body parts or before it weakens you. Regular testing is very important and therefore when you see any symptom of STD ensure that you see your doctor immediately for testing and medication if possible.

Do not allow unprotected sex

Unprotected sex is very dangerous if both of you have not been tested and allowed to have sex.  Therefore when doing sex insist that your other partner should use a condom so that you can do sex effectively and without any problem. Condoms helps both of you from transmitting diseases to one of the partners. A condom can be used when you are doing anal, virginal or even oral sex. Spermicides and other contraceptives can assist in only protecting a woman from being pregnant but cannot prevent one from an STD. Once you know the STD symptoms as a woman then it can be easy for you to notice any sign of symptoms immediately as they arise. This makes treatment easy and faster and in fact if you seek medical attention immediately then you can be able to prevent the disease or get the appropriate medication.

Communication is very important

Most women usually keep the issue to themselves when they realize that they are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. There is no need for you to fear telling your doctor about the problem that you have because he or she will assist you to get medication and will counsel you on the way you should live. Also ensure that you and your partner are faithful to each other so that you can minimize chances of getting this disease from other people.

Lastly, there are several STD clinics everywhere and therefore there is no need to fear visiting these clinics. Also ensure that you don’t do sex with any partner before visiting a doctor for checkup. Visit this site for more information :

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