Sexual Fantasies: Psychological Phenomena

The phrase sexual fantasy is itself explanatory, it reveals the attitude a person has toward sex. It is a natural, psychological phenomenon similar to dreaming. How often one get influenced to have sex and how he gets excited about it. Men and women have almost the same desires but the means to acquire it are different. The sexual fantasy of a person comes from within, and how he maintains it is completely on the individual. We can better call sexual fantasy as Private thoughts.

The level of desires is different for people. Some are easily aroused and would like to have sex more; others less. People also attribute different meanings to sexual thoughts, feelings, and behavior. But often people get excited by just reading messages, stories which explain the personal experience of somebody indulge with their partner, and some might feel excited only with their partner, and some by watching videos.

Indulging in a sexual fantasy enables us to explore things internally that we may decide not to act upon. A sexual fantasy serves as a purpose of exploration; help us to escape out of our daily frustrations. It can also enhance an intimate relationship, anԁ can boost up our self-confidence. The fantasy is considered as our powerful imagination, which most of the times give pleasure.get latest news at

It depends on what you ԁο with them! Fantasies ԁο not belong to the physical world; they live in the realm of thoughts. They can be shared or remain alone. Actually men’s and women’s fantasies are more alike than different. Both sexes fantasize most often, for instance, about being intimate with their current partner. Men’s fantasies are more visual and get to the sex acts more quickly.

Women’s involve more foreplay and more tactile stimulation.
If fantasies are classified into those that are ‘active’ (taking the initiative in some sexual activity) and those that are ‘passive’ (having something done to oneself) it becomes clear that men are much more likely to have active fantasies overall. Men also report slightly more passive fantasies than woman. The ratio of active to passive fantasies is much higher for men than for women.

Woman with hands tied behind back

Woman with hands tied behind back

It’s also observed that those men who reported a great deal of sex fantasy had no partners or were in some sense sexually unfulfilled. Women who engaged in a great deal of fantasy were usually also having an active and satisfying sex life with a loved partner. Thus it seems that men’s fantasies often signify sexual frustration , while women’s fantasies are awakened or liberated by sexual activity.

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